MAS Absturzsicherungen / Fall Protection N 8

We automatically associate the term „Made in Germany “ with quality and reliability. This is all the more important when - as in the case of PPE - life and safety depend on it. We at MAS support this claim 100%. This is because the production chain of the full body harnesses and safety ropes is completely in our hands and under our control. It begins with cutting the high-qua- lity webbing to measure and, followed by the sewing on of metal and plastic components, and extends to the combining of the different individual parts to create a finished full body harness in our Drolshagen production facilities. A further advantage is our flexible production engineering, whereby we can fabricate individual orders in a very targeted way within 24 - 48 hours, check them for security and quality and deliver them on schedule. Included in our customer service are also on-site inspections, and of course, expert consultation. Nothing works properly without control-checking. Our own test rig in the MAS premises make a contribution. Here, the different articles are tested according to the relevant EN standards and undergo additional tests. Also the improvement and further development of new products can be undertaken very rapidly in-house. As a result of collaborative work in various standards committees and work groups, the latest state of the art is always maintained. This also applies for co-operation with the social insurance against occupational accidents and the different certi- fication institutes for obtaining the EG-Type testing certificate. Competence with training sessions and tests The user of the PPE against fall from a height plays a further im- portant role. Proposals for new products or further development are examined using intensive experimentation and partnership discussions. An especially good opportunity for this occurs if we instruct the user in the handling of the PPE against fall from height at our premises. Various training sessions occur regularly with us, but also training on-site directly with the customer is possible following discussion. Our employees are instructed regularly and receive advanced training in-house and are provided with updated know-how from our machine manufacturers. We also achieve a consistently high quality standard in our products through the employment of state-of-the-art machines, which undergo preventive upkeep and are maintained regularly. Repairs can be implemented in our own workshop, where our employees are optimally trained for this by the supplier. The maintenance and verification of PPE against fall from height play a significant role in personal safety. This competent profes- sional testing is implemented by us here at the Drolshagen site using our own technicians. MAS = M eine A bsturz - S icherung Ausgabe 7 147